Specialty Therapies For The Finest Human Care

Cheyenne Wright, Certified Pilates Instructor

Having originally worked as the front office lead with Womanology + RestoreHIM by Hoag for three years, Cheyenne has developed a true understanding and a profound respect for the holistic approach this team promotes.

Cheyenne believes in the idea of taking your health into your own hands while using the help of trained professionals to give yourself the tools to function optimally. It is this mentality of self-empowerment that originally sparked Cheyenne’s interest in Pilates because it is focused around total body awareness and through this awareness being able to move with strength and grace regardless of your athletic background - Pilates is truly for everybody. Cheyenne is thrilled to take her own passion of Pilates and be able to contribute to the beautifully integrated team that makes up Womanology + RestoreHIM by Hoag in a whole new way.

“What is amazing about the services we provide is that every patient already has the ability, they simply need the tools to carry them out, and we come together with open arms to educate them and empower them on their paths towards health and self-awareness,” Cheyenne says.