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5 Reasons to Refer Your Patients to WOMANOLOGY + RESTORE HIM by Hoag

Beginning in 2002, only a handful of physicians knew about pelvic floor therapy, and the specialty clinic, WOMANOLOGY + RESTORE HIM. Now renowned in Southern California, WOMANOLOGY + RESTORE HIM has grown to be a trusted resource to over 250 referring providers. What sets this place apart?

Here are 5 reasons to refer YOUR patient to WOMANOLOGY +RESTORE HIM by Hoag:

  1. Integrative Therapies Designed for Improved Rehabilitation and Optimal Healing

    We realize that each patient is unique. This clinic arranges for research-based, individualized treatment plans by offering a combination of highly specialized pelvic floor physical therapy, Pilates, massage therapy, acupuncture and guided imagery. These Integrative Therapies are the foundation of our five Specialty Programs: “Happy Healthy Moms” pre and postnatal therapy, Cancer Rehab, Bowel and Bladder Health, Sexual Health and Sports Injury Rehab.
  1. Talented Specialty Practitioners

    Each physical therapist has specialty pelvic floor training beyond their doctorate degrees. Every practitioner at the clinic has extensive training specific to bowel, bladder, and sexual dysfunctions. Our Pilates practitioners work closely with our physical therapists to provide the safest and most effective pelvic rehab exercises. Our acupuncturist, massage therapist and guided imagery therapist also have years of experience in pelvic floor dysfunctions.
  1. Patient-Centered Care

    While we have an incredible pool of talented practitioners, we are well known for our unprecedented patient experience. Courtesy services, such as insurance verifications and super-bills (if needed), are extended to all. Each patient receives an initial one hour evaluation that often includes same-day treatment.

    Our patients also love our integrative treatment approach. Many take advantage of integrating unique therapies during their treatment. For example: We offer affordable “mini” acupuncture sessions that relieve stress through needle points left in during a physical therapy session. A patient can also have the Guided Imagery therapist help them relax through a physical therapy, acupuncture, or massage session. With no practitioner egos, the patient is empowered and given the ability to try different types of therapies to experience what works best for their own path to healing.
  1. Safe & Comfortable Healing Space

    Understanding that our patients often have a diagnosis of a very PRIVATE and INTIMATE nature, we have created a safe haven for them to feel comfortable. From moment they walk through the door, the patient understands that they are someplace calm and special (and often comment on our “spa-like feel”). Every staff member is trained to anticipate the patient’s needs and discomforts, and make every effort to set them at ease.

    The décor offers warm home-like touches in the waiting room and common areas. Our private, quiet treatment rooms have soft lighting, real sheets and blankets (for patient comfort), and tranquil touches such as artwork and amenities. Our patients feel safe. They feel that we understand them. They trust us. And so do their doctors.
  1. Gold standard in Integrative Therapies in Pelvic Health for Women and Men

    The 13 year legacy of WOMANOLOGY + RESTORE HIM is a powerful testament to turning what was once considered a niche practice into what is now considered the gold standard of pelvic floor therapy. Utilizing a research-based, multidisciplinary approach to bowel, bladder, and sexual dysfunction, this center is exceedingly valuable to you and your patients.

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