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Cancer Rehab Therapies

Therapies we offer for Cancer related issues:

We have had tremendous success in helping cancer survivors regain their sexual health. Physical Therapy trigger point release directly to the pelvic floor muscles can increase blood flow and, therefore, help improve tissue quality, normalize bladder function, decrease muscle tension, and improve sexual function. In addition to internal trigger point release of the pelvic muscles (offered to both females and males) we can use several modalities to decrease pain and nerve sensitivity such as Electrical Stimulation and Biofeedback.


Recent studies indicate a link between moderate physical exercise and improved quality of life for breast cancer survivors. Our highly educated pilates + physical therapy team have designed a safe cancer patient/ survivor rehab program. Regaining shoulder motion after breast cancer, working through abdominal scars after uterine, cervical, or colon surgeries, or gaining pelvic muscle strength after prostate cancer, our program is suitable whether your you are currently undergoing treatment or you are a long time survivor.


Finally, Acupuncture has amazing abilities to decrease pain and improve circulation. Acupuncture also helps in re-balancing and restoring the body's natural functions. Many studies including those reported by The National Cancer Institute and World Health Organization have shown significant benefits of the treatment of Acupuncture during and after cancer treatments.

Some of the main benefits can include:

  • Reduced vomiting and nausea caused by Chemotherapy
  • Improved Immune Function
  • Decreased Pain

Massage Therapy

Oncology Massage is the modification of existing massage therapy techniques for safe and gentle massage during and after cancer treatment. Modifications are made for low blood cell or platelet counts, removal of lymph nodes, blood clots, radiation or surgery, chemotherapy, neuropathy, and medical devices. Benefits of oncology massage include: reduced pain and fatigue, reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep, reduced nausea, improved mobility and appearance of surgical scars, and improved range of motion.

Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery can be extremely helpful during and after cancer treatments. It can be useful with surgery preparation, chemotherapy or radiation support, fatigue, insomnia, stress and depression, or turning fear into courage. Guided imagery can provide meditative tools to feel in control and focused on your body's extraordinary ability to maintain blood pressure and other vital signs as well as reconnecting to every aspect of your biological cells intelligence for healing and stimulating the immune system.